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Welcome to the Q1.6 media page. Here, you'll find our overview statistics, publications and media features. If you need any additional information, let us know and we’ll send it your way.

Financial Report
Image by Leo Wieling


In studies and PSP programs

In a  phase 2 study we had to capture 1 500 000 responses from 685 subjects over 5 months.

That represented a vast amount of high quality data related to disease symptoms for the data scientists.

In an Allergy Remote Patient Monitoring we are still capturing data of patients who enrolled 2.5 years ago (with a completion ratio of 76%)

In a Neuroscience phase 1 study we achieved a completion ratio (# of questions asked vrs # of answers given) after six months of 99.64% @ 72 subjects.

Sensor (FLIR) embeded in Q1.6 platform

In this brief demo you see how we included a FLIR camera to measure the temperature of your joints. At certain moments in the day it will ask the patient to "take a picture" of his hand and send it to the HCP

Experimental Alexa (smart speaker)

Some early experimental work with "Alexa" as a Q1.6 communication channel. Patient

Wound Infection - Picture taken

In one larger Patient Support Project (wound infection) we had to ask patient to take a picture of their wound, if a certain threshold was reached. Here you see an implementation.

Qr Code - Sample return

In one study we improved the return of study samples with a very simple QR code. Contact us how we did it ...

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