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”By amplifying patients' voices through meaningful interactions, we support our partners and medical professionals to improve the approach to healthcare and patients’ well-being.”


At Q1.6, we specialize in crafting innovative patient dialogue systems that set a new standard: achieving an impressive 90% questionnaire compliance ratio. Discover the future of patient engagement with Q1.6.


As a dedicated team, we support patients and empower healthcare professionals with important data to improve patients' health outcomes. By redefining patient interactions, we create meaningful and convenient connections. Our focus is on developing innovative strategies and technologies that prioritize patient privacy and minimize disruptions to their daily lives.


Our company is built on two important beliefs:

  1. To support patients efficiently our technology must be intuitive, easy to use, and be the least disruptive possible.

  2. To interact efficiently with patients through their mobile phone, questions should not last more than 1.6 seconds to answer.  To know why, watch the video

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